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The secret of tasty & healthy grilling with Healthy Roaster


Low Fat
Low Calories

Energy saving
using no electricity

Strong ceramic
charcoal heat

Shaving off excessive fat and very healthy!
Even eggs&vegetables are cooked to the core!

Three Secrets of Low Fat BBQ

  1. Shaving off the excessive fat before eating!
  2. Blood lye gushed off before eating!
  3. Grilling the meat without burning!

Cooling water pipe screen will not get too hot to make burns; meat is singed between pipes.


  1. No smoke from flame and screen at all
  2. No burns made with hot screen, no more loss of burnt meat
  3. Excessive fats and bloods dripped in the cistern at the bottom
  4. Works on any ingredients (meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, etc.)
  5. Casserole cooking at the same time (with optional gas burner or IH heater)
  6. Use the same restaurant spec Healthy Roaster at home as table
Healthy&Tasty Healthy&Tasty