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New way to grill without smoke, without odor

The new way of smokeless grilling

Advantage of Healthy Roaster -Part2-

4: Eliminating those fat for low calories and healthy BBQ! A great diet for metabolism control!

smokeless grilling

With powerful infrared charcoal heat and leveled grilling method, the heat penetrates into the core of the meat, sufficiently melting out the fat and casting out the blood lye.
Those fats on marbled rib meat mostly get melted away, making the meat lighter and healthier healthier.
There is a great effect on a metabolic syndrome, including when grilling sausages and hamburgers.

Photo:Cistern catching excessive fat and dampness

5: Requiring no smoke extraction duct; keeping wide and open retail space

smokeless grilling

In conventional Korean BBQ restaurants, smoke extraction ducts and piping were necessary for extracting smoke.
With Healthy Roaster requiring no smoke extraction, there is no need to raise the floor or lower the ceiling, or putting the smoke extraction box under the table.
HR will satisfy women customers for those who concern the grill smell on clothes, and provide clean and relaxing space.

6: No smoke extraction duct required and no concern on catching fire.

smokeless grilling

Fire is one of the biggest concern at Korean BBQ places. The main cause is often the fire caught with the grease trapped and accumulated inside the duct that is hard to reach and clean.
Healthy Roaster requires no smoke duct; there is no worry on catching fire from the grease inside the smoke duct.