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Main Unit System

Simple and multifunctional mechanism of smokeless Healthy Roaster


Cooling System

Pipe cooling system

Inside the cooling water pipe is hollow. There is water running through constantly. The running water heated over 100°C gets vaporized and exhausted; cooling water constantly gets filled through the hollow pipe designed in natural convection structure.
No electricity needed! There is no need for a motor to supply cooling water. Using natural convection mechanism, the multifunction screen is kept below 150 °C, not only keeping the screen from burning but also the food from drying up.
The cross-section of the screen mildly curved downward; it is designed so to have oil and liquid conveyed to the center of pipes to get dripped into the cistern underneath.
Thus, oils and fats never have direct contact with flames, generating no smoke; naturally, grease is kept from being dispersed and going airborne, preventing the odor in the air.


Cooling System

"Strong Flame From Distance"
Achieved with the Double Ceramic Charcoal!

Our clean & functional ceramic charcoal creates no carbon monoxide, having powerful infrared heat working from distance. It is very durable and quickly penetrating into the core of the ingredient; the quality is incomparable to ones from other brands.
32 ceramic charcoal blocks are placed on each side to roast the food with strong infrared heat without burning the food but with plump juicy taste. This infrared effect is called "Tobi no Tsuyobi" (Strong flame from distance).


Easy Maintenace!

15 seconds to Hand wash it clean!
Saving a lot of overhead cost!

Soak the stainless screen for a minute in water, then just hand wash it for easy daily maintenance.
There is no need to concern for scattering of greasy smoke, leading to prevention of pests and maintaining easy cleaning and hygienic restaurant.