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The new way of smokeless grilling

Various Benefits in Introducing the "Healthy Roaster"

1: No need for installing a smoke duct

No need for smoke duct
  • The smoke duct, which is required for the conventional BBQ table, is no more required at all.

* Ceiling air inlet and ventilation, regulated by the building code is still necessary

* It is recommended omitted to consider the layout, number of tables, and amount of the heat generated under assumption of full occupancy when planning for an air conditioner.

  • No duct means major reduction in time and cost of constructing the premises.
    There is no need to install smoke ducts and related electric wiring. With Healthy Roaster, the construction period is greatly reduced; simply place tables to complete the work.
  • Smokeless Healthy Roaster keeps the restaurant stay clean, warding off pests and reducing the cleaning cost, saving the overall running cost substantially.

2: Opening of BBQ restaurant will not be a constraint in the lease condition

Easy to move
  • Property owners and agents are often reluctant to lease the premises to a Korean BBQ restaurant because of odor and grease problem from smoke ducts. With the smokeless non duct Healthy Roaster, negotiation for the lease will be carried out smoothly.
  • Healthy Roaster requires minimum space to store the screen replacements, giving more kitchen space for cooking, and helping to create better working environment.

3: Easy to move around the table

Easy to move
  • There is no fixed smoke exhaust device; tables are easy to move around!
  • With smokeless non duct Healthy Roast, unexpected call for a large party and the seasonal traffic increase can be handled easily, achieving higher efficiency in space and increasing the profit!

4: Saving on labor cost, improving on customer retention

Easy to wash
  • Screen of HR is extremely easy to wash, taking only 15 seconds.
    Washing screen is just like washing a regular dish, requiring no extra labor cost.
  • No more screen replacement during serving, reducing floor staff's task and cost
    Healthy Roaster requires no screen placement! Just one screen per table during the whole service, reducing the effort and cost of labor

5: Saving in overhead costs

  • Whether to select washable screen by expensive screen washer or adopt disposable screen, either way, it cost a lot of money and labor.
  • Stainless steel water cooling pipe screen will not get burnt.
  • Healthy Roaster needs no screen replacement; hand wash will easily clean it.
  • Healthy Roaster screen is easily washed just like washing pots and dishes, requiring no extra labor cost.

6: Easily replaceable with conventional BBQ table

Main Unit
  • Replacing the existing table with Healthy Roaster is easy; just close the duct hole on the floor

7: Changing the service for lunch and dinner is easy & simple

  • Korean BBQ, intestine BBQ, BBQ buffet, grill tavern, Yakitori tavern, family diner etc.

Unique type of business

  • Lunch time business :
    café, noodle, curry shop serving lunch

↓ Changing the service

  • Night time business :
    Korean BBQ restaurant/dining bar, grill tavern serving dinner